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Randers Rainforest/Randers Regnskov

The tropical forest consists of three domes:

Dome I:
Tropical rainforest in Africa, 500 sqm.
Made in 1996

Dome II:
Tropical rainforest in Asia, 700 sqm.
Made in 1996

Dome III:
Tropical rainforest in Central America, 2000 sqm.
Made in 2002


Below photos from Dome III taken in March 2008 - when the exhibit is 6 years old:

Photos below shows the exhibit, when it was 2 years old in 2004.

Bromeliads on rock

Impressive rockwall full of epiphyts

Sloth between treetops in lianas

Free Iguana

The bassin of the Manatee

The great Toco

Closeup Toco

Great waterfall

Flying Blue and Gold Macaw

Small paths and bridges leads us around the exhibition

Schizolobium parahyba

Growth on Tempel