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Istanbul Akvaryum opened in 2010 and harbours a lot of interesting exhibits, highly influenced by the regional culture ...very recommendable.


Tropical Zoo Plants assisted on creating the lush Amazon Rainforest exhibit of 1000 sqm. All the plants travelled from the rainforest nursery in Limon, Costa Rica to the Akvaryum in Istanbul, Turkey. 

4 pcs 40 foot Reefer Container were sailed across the world and all these authentic rainforest plants now roam in Istanbul. 

After now 8 years (2018) we are ready to evaluate and supplement the collection of plants. Soil -and water analysis will be made. Maintenance practice -and animal/visitor pressure on the plants, will also be evaluated. Other climatical aspects, such as irrigation/fertilizing, temperature, humidity and light will be addressed as well. Finally we will propose a list of plants suitable to improve the overall image of the lush Amazon Rainforest.