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Randers Regnskov, Denmark

1994-96 Dome I and II, tropical houses

2002 Dome III, South American Exhibit


Universeum Gothemburg, Sweden

1999-2001 Rainforest Exhibit

2016 Giant Kapok and supply plants


Odense Zoo, Danmark

2000-2001 South America Rainforest

and temperate "South America"


Aalborg Zoo, Denmark

1997-99 upgrading old tropical house

2004 South America House

2005 African village, Dwarf Hippo


Parken Zoo, Sweden

2006 Tropical House


Zoo - Lesna, Zlin, Czech Republic

2006 Yucatan Tropical Pavillion


London Zoo, England

2008 Primate Building

2010 Aviary


Istanbul Akvaryum, Turkey

2010 - 2011 Rainforest exhibit


Den Blå Planet, Denmark

2013 Amazonas Rainforest


Den Lille Dyrehage, Norway

2014 The Rainforest


Wildlands Adventure Zoo, Holland

2012 - 2016 Rimbula Rainforest

2912 - 2016 Butterfly Temple